A Life A Day

My goal to positively impact 365 people’s lives for FREE each year!

Launched in 2018 A Life A Day had a simple goal, to positively impact the lives of 365 people over the course of the year; and average of A Life – A Day. The 2018 version was completed by mid November with the 2019 edition about to start again in January.

How it works is you sign up for a coaching call, completely for free. Over the course of the year I will do 365 of these for 365 separate people. I’m comfortable in working with ANY mindset issue so if you want to take control fill in the below form and let’s connect!

In 2019 we took it up another level though with A Life A Day – Pay it forward. This is an additional request of you in that at the end of each call I will be asking you to go and do something nice for someone else… to “Pay it forward”.

This works on 2 levels. For you it will be an amazing experience bringing joy to someone else’s life and for the person involved you will be passing on positive benefits which it is my hope will ripple out and impact even more people.

And now for 2020 are going even further with A Life A Day – It Takes A Village. You can get involved this year on two different levels as a giver or a receiver. Receivers work exactly like before, sign up for a call with me and let’s get you moving forward.

But this year I am also encouraging other coaches, service providers, business owners or even just individuals to give what they can. Whether that is as simple as buying your local running club a round of coffees, walking someones dog if they are ill, giving away your product or service or even putting on a community focussed event I want to hear from you!

Watch the video below and then use the form whether you want a call or want to contribute and lets start building our village.

I’ll make you 3 promises:
  1. I will not sell you anything on that call, it’s completely FREE and not a way for me to get you into a sales funnel, I hate that stuff and would not trick you into that!
  2. It is a completely confidential service. I won’t even acknowledge that we have had a call unless you do first.
  3. I will help you to the best of my abilities. No holding back.

Get In Touch

To get involved with A Life A Day 2020 please complete the form below. Dave handles each email personally and certain times of day (evenings) come under high demand so please be patient while we set you up with a call.

Times based on UK time and certain selections may have an extended wait.

Privacy Guaranteed

I will treat your information with complete confidence. Under no circumstances will it be sold to a third party or used outside the realm of the business.