My Story, My Why…

My story starts with things that unfortunately are becoming far too common.

My parents divorced when I was 6, my family lived in poverty and I was bullied for either not having the right clothes or for having the audacity to know the answers in class.

This led to me developing non-purge bulimia and at the age of 14 I was diagnosed with Type 2 bipolar disorder as well as already being morbidly obese.

I grew up with zero self esteem, zero confidence and the belief that I was a victim. That all men wanted to hurt me and all women considered me to be lacking.

This belief led me to sabotage my first marriage and ironically become one of the men who wanted to hurt me. I turned to self harm, drugs and attempted suicide.

I was an absolute mess.

I began to take care of my physical health in 2007 and I successfully lost over a third of my body weight (a total loss of 126 pounds). And along with this came some benefits to my mental health too.

I became passionate about helping others achieve this same thing. To learn that through exercise we could improve not just physical health, but mental health too. So I retrained as a Personal Trainer.

My first year as a personal trainer brought me better mental health than I had ever experienced and I finally understood why; my passion, my purpose, my why is to help others. Something I now got to do every day.

Determined to further enhance my services I embarked on some additional qualifications. First in nutrition and then in mindset coaching.

During the mindset coaching course everything I had ever been through suddenly became connected and relevant. The skills were there to be learned by anyone, but I brought an unparalleled level of empathy to what I did.

In early life I was a victim, then I became a survivor, now I was something else, someone who could make a massive positive impact on those around me, a coach, a mentor, a role model.

I started to introduce mindset into my PT and nutrition business and suddenly I was helping people with things far beyond their weight.

I was helping them to find what coaching was for me. Their purpose, their passion, their why.

To live their life in a way where they would no longer just survive, but thrive.